Family Life Minister Job Description

Family Life Minister

Job Description

Purpose Statement

The Family Life Minister should develop and implement a process that works towards developing church leaders and parents around a master plan to build Christian faith and character in each generation. 


    • Support the overall mission of the church
    • Have a ministry focus on ages birth – 50 with a major focus on ages 20 – 50
    • Will lead other in creating connection opportunities on and off campus
    • Will focus on connecting others to God’s overarching story through discipleship
    • Build community groups
    • Give oversight, training, implementation and acquire resources to accomplish purpose statement
    • Currently teach a portion of the Sunday morning Bible study group
    • Assist the Pastor as needed including occasionally preaching

The Family Life Minister will be supervised by the Pastor and the Personnel Committee.

Candidate must have: 

    • leadership experience ideal for this role
    • The ability to lead leaders
    • A passion and aptitude for family ministry
    • A passion for connecting church and home
    • Experience discipling others and leading them to disciple others
    • Experience leading small group ministry
    • Ability to recruit, train, and oversee volunteers
    • A shepherd’s heart
    • The ability to develop and implement strategic processes 
    • Gifts as a team builder with good communication skills both written and oral
    • Ability to teach
    • Relational skills with leaders and membership


Currently this position is being offered based on 20 hours per week.