Sunday school

Sunday school

In the Sunday Life Groups (Sunday school) we are studying from the Bible Studies for Life Series.

Living by Faith:  Women Who Trusted God

Faith moves us beyond belief to action—but what does that look like? We see many people in Scripture who put their trust in a God they couldn’t see and the God who made Himself flesh and dwelt among us.

Women, of course, also had encounters with God that moved them forward in their faith with courage and conviction. In this study, we’ll meet several of these women. We’ll discover women who showed wisdom in difficult situations and marginalized women who often went unnoticed in their culture. Each of them has a faith story to share, just as you and I have a faith story that is worth sharing.

Dive into the next six weeks and take a journey with faithful women whose personal stories may show them to be heroes in their day. Better yet, join a journey with a faithful God who is always the Hero of our gospel-centered faith.

June 2 – Rahab: Courageous Faith  

June 9 – Deborah: Encouraging Faith  

June 16 – Hannah: Faith That Prays 

June 23 – Abigail: Intervening Faith 

June 30 – The Poor Widow: Faith That Gives

July 7 – The Samaritan Woman: Faith Worth Sharing

Mentoring: How to Equip and Encourage Others

July 14 –  “Mentoring” is a buzzword these days. The business world loves the term, but what does mentoring mean in the church?

Mentoring is one believer intentionally investing in another believer to help him or her become more like Christ. It’s discipleship the way Jesus and Paul did it.

Jesus and Paul made disciples through mentoring. They prayerfully watched for potential mentees, initiated relationships with them, trained them, corrected them as needed, and then released them to do ministry themselves. They modeled for us what we need to be doing today, especially when we remember how others have helped us grow.

This study focuses on the mentoring relationship between Paul and Timothy. It’s only an introduction to the topic, but you’ll get enough to start mentoring. Someone probably helped you in your walk with Christ; now you can do the same.

Living a Godly Life in an Ungodly World 

Christians can look confidently toward a future with Christ that will be free of the grief and problems we face in this world.

But what do we do in the meantime? We live in a world that does nothing to encourage our walk with Christ; in fact, many times the world actively opposes anyone who seeks to live a godly life for Christ.

We can stand strong, though. In the Old Testament, the life of King Asa shows us how to face life head-on. His example points to the value of focusing on God, living a lifestyle of worship, and persisting with courage and dependence on Him. We’ll also see how his example influenced those around him and the generation that came after. By studying his life, we will see that, even though we will face enemies and challenges, we can live godly lives.

July 21 – Pursue Godliness

July 28 – Depend on God

August 4 – Act with Courage

August 11 – Worship Continually

August 18 – Remember God’s Faithfulness

August 25 – Leave a Legacy